Miss Bea Beauty Bags

You Can Change Your Style



          We all have our own sense of Style

            We all have our own sense of Sexy

        We are all Beautiful Women

What are Beauty Bags? They are gift bags to fit the occasion. My bags are filled with beauty contents to fit your personal sense of swag, no two bags are the same. When you receive your beauty bag you will not be disappointed.

Welcome  To  My Beginning

 What I Do

Thank you for visiting my website. This is a new journey for me and I hope to share it with you. We are all beautiful women who can enhance our beauty and live in our truth.  What I do is supply the tools to assist in your enhancement. I just don't supply Mascara, Bath-salt or Lipstick, I also add to your beauty bags the little things that's needed after a hard day at work or at the end of the day when the kids are asleep, or when it's time to wind down and get your mind right. A scented candle and a bubble bath will send the tension and stress packing their bags. A glass of champagne will have you dancing to your own music. A facial sheet will send chills up and down your beautiful body. With my  Beauty Bags you can change your style but DON'T EVER CHANGE YOUR SEXY!!!

I  Will Search To Find  Your

Unique  Personal  Swag

My Beauty Bags are for every Occasion


Mother's Day

Valentines Day

Bridal Showers

Bachelorette Parties

Date Night



Thank you

Just Because

Gentlemen for the beautiful women in your life!

Every Bag is different some contents include the following: 

A bottle of Champagne- in every bag


facial sheets 


beauty bars

scented candles

scented body spritz

bath salts

eye shadow

lip gloss

body wash, and so much more

 Beauty Bags $35

How Can We Help Each Other?

Lets walk this walk together, to purchase a Beauty Bag Email Me- click up at the right-hand corner

or [email protected]